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released October 1, 2016



all rights reserved


The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back Dublin, Ireland

The Devil Wants Her Swagger Back are a 5 piece metal band formed in 2013 and based in Dublin Ireland featuring, Stephen Cannon, Dylan Scully, Mick Hynes, Ryan Cummins and the recent addition of Damien Regan on second guitar. Creating massively heavy sound that is accompanied by melodic hooks and grooves. A modern sound with occasional nods to more classic styles of their genre. This is TDWHSB ... more

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Track Name: The Devil's Whisper
The Devil whispered to the Warrior
'You can't withstand the storm'
And the Warrior replied
Track Name: Casualties
These are our self prescribed, over analysed
Casualties for hire
Getting paid for their face and their waste of mind
Talking first world problems man, it all piles on top of them

I just can't wait to see you hit the floor
Cause I'm the raven bitch cry nevermore

What clothes should I buy, what music should I like
in the land of the free, in the country of the brave
They're nothing but cunts, can't you see
Always forcing their opinions down on me

We are a televised and hypnotised, infatuated nation
born to breed killers and liars who will desecrate their station
Suffer the ignorance
Plug out the innocents

Fuck your televisions, popping pills and visions
breathing lies to feed the feral hands that take

Money from your pockets, selling shit to stop it
seeing stars rise from idiocracy

Losing our motivation, sex drugs and rock and roll
No surprise my generations on the dole

We'll never understand it, we'll never work around it
We are the newest of a BROKE AND DYING RACE
Track Name: Off The Wall
You're off the wall!!

You are!!
A social reject
A fatal defect
Infecting respect
Fuck you!!
You're just another dead end
Another false friend
Who lives to torment
Out of control
Losing your soul
And I'm giving up
On what you failed to see
What you'll never be
How it's because of me

I'm falling in love
With killing myself
Cause all that I am
Is Worthless

Waste your life away and fall to decay in front of that fucking screen
Cause we're sick of it and all the other shit, pretty soon you'll only be a dream

I've got nothing to lose so stay the fuck away from me
Choking the life from me I've got to find a way to break away

Stand back

Cause you're running out of excuses
Tearing out your hair not to lose it
You've failed to see, now i'll never be
You're deity like I was meant to be

I've fallen in love (I've Fallen in love)
With killing myself (With killing myself)
Cause all that I am (All that i am)

(I can't, I won't, suffer, this silence anymore)

Track Name: 2.0thless
This is your last warning

I haven't slept for days, but I'm wide awake
In a dreamworld man and your life's at stake
There's no way since this began
You're mine now bitch cause I always win
I wanna fuck you, kill you, love you, hate you
Leave you bleeding on the floor
I wanna kill you, fuck you, hate you, love you
Bitch you're mine forever more

This is a warning
But are you listening
Cause I've been thinking
I'm gonna leave you toothless

I'm gonna bleed you dry
I'm gonna watch you die
More and more and more and more and more

Vacant, mistaken, you're life has just been taken

I'm gonna bleed you dry
(Vacant, mistaken your life has just been taken)
I'm gonna watch you die
(Vacant, mistaken your life has just been taken)

This is the end of everything you've loved
The end of everything you've touched
There is no turning back from
But now you see that no one cares

Bleed you Dry
(Vacant, mistaken your life has just been taken)
Bleed you Dry!!!!!
(Vacant, mistaken your life has just been taken)
Track Name: Wannabe Deity (feat. DJ D.O.G.)
Just a gasp of air, a flick of the wrist
The sweet relief as our bodies twist
Have I gone insane, I start to like the pain
There's no turning back

I'll never be the same
(Born to be hated
Living to disgrace it
Killing to become it
Die, solidify it)

I can feel it in my bones, this disease is spreading
We're running out of time, not by our own design
Too quick, can't think
Never be the same
Don't fade, don't stay
There's no other way
This is everything, I'll be anything

Nobody wins, nobody survives
These are the tragedies of our lives
You never knew that you wanted to be here
Brace yourself, we're going ear to ear
Track Name: Savages I: Survival of the Fittest
Fuck you all
Can't be, you can never be this
Can't feel, you will never feel this
We're not wasting our time
We are the new design
Embrace the pace or fall out of phase nobody's gonna hold your hand
Weed out the weak and bring out the freaks cause we'll be the last to stand

If it ain't broke, beak it
If it ain't so, make it
This ain't a game, we're not playing
You won't, Survive
You don't Survive

Fuck you, You will never be this
Fuck you, You will never see this
We're not, standing in line
We are the new fucking design

Whispering in alibies that no one ever gratifies
Submitting to the energy in ways no one should ever see
We're caught in the wave, born to grow, to be slave
In a system that we're fighting and the crimes that they're hiding

This is survival of the fittest
This is the war that we were born for

This is Survival
(Violence, Human Nature, Will you submit, will you lose your mind)